Vostok 1 (USSR)Yuri Gagarin12-Apr-6112-Apr-611h:48mFirst manned space flight (1 orbit).
Mercury-Redstone 3 (USA)Alan Shepard 5-May-615-May-6115m:22sFirst American in space (suborbital). Freedom 7.
Mercury-Redstone 4 (USA)Virgil Grissom 21-Jul-6121-Jul-6115m:37sSecond suborbital flight; spacecraft sank, Grissom rescued. Liberty Bell 7.
Vostok 2 (USSR)Gherman Titov6-Aug-617-Aug-611d:01h:18mFirst flight longer than 24 hours (17 orbits).
Mercury-Atlas 6 (USA)John Glenn20-Feb-6220-Feb-6204h:55mFirst American in orbit (3 orbits); telemetry falsely indicated heatshield unlatched. Friendship 7.
Mercury-Atlas 7 (USA)Scott Carpenter24-May-6224-May-6204h:56mInitiated space flight experiments; manual retrofire error caused 250 mile landing overshoot. Aurora 7.
Vostok 3 (USSR)Andrian Nikolayev11-Aug-6215-Aug-623d:22h:22mFirst twinned flight, with Vostok 4.
Vostok 4 (USSR)Pavel Popovich12-Aug-6215-Aug-622d:22h:57mFirst twinned flight. On first orbit came within 3 miles of Vostok 3.
Mercury-Atlas 8 (USA)Walter Schirra3-Oct-623-Oct-6209h:13mDeveloped techniques for long duration missions (6 orbits); closest splashdown to target to date (4.5 miles). Sigma 7.
Mercury-Atlas 9 (USA)Gordon Cooper15-May-6316-May-631d:10h:20mFirst U.S. evaluation of effects of one day in space (22 orbits); performed manual reentry after systems failure, landing 4 miles from target. Faith 7.
Vostok 5 (USSR)Valeri Bykovsky14-Jun-6319-Jun-634d:23h:08mSecond twinned flight, with Vostok 6.
Vostok 6 (USSR)Valentina Tereshkova16-Jun-6319-Jun-632d:22h:51mFirst woman in space; passed within 3 miles of Vostok 5.
X-15, Flight 90 (USA)Walker, Joseph19-Jul-6319-Jul-6311m:24sFirst rocket-powered aircraft to reach space (FAI definition); sub-orbital reaching 347,800 feet (106,010 m) altitude.
X-15, Flight 91 (USA)Walker, Joseph22-Aug-6322-Aug-6311m:09sRocket-powered aircraft; sub-orbital reaching 354,200 feet (107,960 m) altitude.
Voskhod 1 (USSR)Vladimir Komarov, Konstantin Feoktistov, Boris Yegorov12-Oct-6413-Oct-641d:00h:17mModified Vostok; first three man crew in space; first without space suits.
Voskhod 2 (USSR)Pavel Belyayev, Alexei Leonov18-Mar-6519-Mar-651d:02h:02mModified Vostok; first spacewalk by Leonov (10 min) via inflatable airlock.
Gemini 3 (USA)Virgil Grissom, John Young23-Mar-6523-Mar-6504h:53mFirst American two man crew; first piloted spacecraft to change its orbital path; first computer, allowing onboard calculation of maneuvers.
Gemini 4 (USA)James McDivitt, Edward White3-Jun-657-Jun-654d:01h:56mFirst American spacewalk by White (21 min); first US 4-day flight; manual reentry made after computer failure.
Gemini 5 (USA)Gordon Cooper, Charles Conrad21-Aug-6529-Aug-657d:22h:55mFirst use of fuel cells for electric power; evaluated guidance and navigation system.
Gemini 7 (USA)Frank Borman, James Lovell4-Dec-6518-Dec-6513d:18h:35mLongest US flight for 8 years (206 orbits), record until Soyuz 9; rendezvous with Gemini 6.
Gemini 6 (USA)Walter Schirra, Thomas Stafford15-Dec-6516-Dec-651d:01h:51mFirst manned rendezvous, to within 2 feet of Gemini 7 (as planned Agena was lost).
Gemini 8 (USA)Neil Armstrong, David Scott16-Mar-6617-Mar-6610h:41mFirst docking (with Agena) of one space vehicle with another; emergency reentry after control malfunction; first Pacific landing.
Gemini 9 (USA)Thomas Stafford, Eugene Cernan3-Jun-666-Jun-663d:00h:21m127 min EVA by Cernan; rendezvous but no docking with target; landed 1/2 mile from recovery ship.
Gemini 10 (USA)John Young, Michael Collins18-Jul-6621-Jul-662d:22h:47mDocked with Agena 10 and used engine to attain record 474 mile (763 km) altitude; rendezvous with Agena 8; 39 min EVA + 49 min SEVA by Collins.
Gemini 11 (USA)Charles Conrad, Richard Gordon12-Sep-6615-Sep-662d:23h:17mUsed Agena engine to attain record 850 mile (1369 km) altitude; 33 min EVA + 128 min SEVA by Gordon; connected Gemini and Agena by tether; first automatic computer-guided reentry.
Gemini 12 (USA)James Lovell, Edwin Aldrin11-Nov-6615-Nov-663d:22h:35mFinal Gemini mission; Agena docking; 126 min EVA + 2 SEVA totaling 204 min by Aldrin; first work carried out during a EVA; automatic computer-guided reentry.
Soyuz 1 (USSR)Vladimir Komarov23-Apr-6724-Apr-671d:02h:48mRetroparachute failed to open, causing cosmonaut to be killed.
Apollo 7 (USA)Walter Schirra, Donn Eisele, Walter Cunningham11-Oct-6822-Oct-6810d:20h:09mFirst piloted flight of Apollo spacecraft, command-service module only; first US 3-man flight; live TV footage of crew.
Soyuz 3 (USSR)Georgi Beregovoi26-Oct-6830-Oct-683d:22h:51mRendezvous with unmanned Soyuz 2.
Apollo 8 (USA)Frank Borman, James Lovell, William Anders21-Dec-6827-Dec-686d:03h:01mFirst manned lunar orbit and piloted lunar return reentry (CSM only); first manned Saturn V; views of lunar surface televised to Earth.
Soyuz 4 (USSR)Vladimir Shatalov, Aleksei Yeliseyev (down), Yevgeni Khrunov (down)14-Jan-6917-Jan-692d:23h:21mFirst docking of two piloted spacecraft, with Soyuz 5.
Soyuz 5 (USSR)Boris Volynov, Aleksei Yeliseyev (up), Yevgeni Khrunov (up)15-Jan-6918-Jan-693d:00h:54mDocked with Soyuz 4; Yeliseyev and Khrunov transfered by EVA to Soyuz 4.
Apollo 9 (USA)James McDivitt, David Scott, Russell Schweickart3-Mar-6913-Mar-6910d:01h:01mFirst piloted flight of lunar module (Earth orbit); 46 min Schweickart EVA tested lunar suit + 61 min SEVA by Scott.
Apollo 10 (USA)Thomas Stafford, John Young, Eugene Cernan18-May-6926-May-698d:00h:03mFirst lunar module orbit of Moon, descent to within 50,000 feet (15,000 meters) of Moon's surface; holds manned speed record, 6.8863 mi/s (11.0825 km/s) at atmosphere entry.
Apollo 11 (USA)Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins, Edwin Aldrin16-Jul-6924-Jul-698d:03h:19mFirst lunar landing made by Armstrong and Aldrin (20-Jul); 151 min lunar EVA; collected 48.5 lb (22 kg) of soil & rock samples; lunar stay time 21h:36m.
Soyuz 6 (USSR)Georgi Shonin, Valeri Kubasov11-Oct-6916-Oct-694d:22h:43mRendezvous with Soyuz 7/8; first welding of metals in space.
Soyuz 7 (USSR)Anatoli Filipchenko, Vladislav Volkov, Viktor Gorbatko12-Oct-6917-Oct-694d:22h:40mTriple rendezvous with Soyuz 6/8; space lab construction test made; first time 3 spacecraft, 7 crew members orbited the Earth at once.
Soyuz 8 (USSR)Vladimir Shatalov, Aleksei Yeliseyev13-Oct-6918-Oct-694d:22h:51mTriple rendezvous with Soyuz 6/7; part of space lab construction team.
Apollo 12 (USA)Charles Conrad, Richard Gordon, Alan Bean14-Nov-6924-Nov-6910d:04h:36mConrad and Bean made second Moon landing; 2 lunar EVAs totaling 465 min; collected 74.7 lb (33.9 kg) of samples; lunar stay time 31h:31m.
Apollo 13 (USA)James Lovell, John Swigart, Fred Haise11-Apr-7017-Apr-705d:22h:55mMission aborted following service module oxygen tank explosion; crew returned safely using lunar module; circumlunar return; holds manned altitude record, 248,665 miles (400,187 km) above Earth's surface.
Soyuz 9 (USSR)Andrian Nikolayev, Vitali Sevastyanov1-Jun-7019-Jun-7017d:16h:59mThis flight marked the beginning of working in space under weightless conditions; endurance record for solo craft remains.
Apollo 14 (USA)Alan Shepard, Stuart Roosa, Edgar Mitchell31-Jan-719-Feb-719d:00h:02mShepard and Mitchell made third Moon landing; 2 lunar EVAs totaling 563 min; collected 96 lb (43.5 kg) of lunar samples; lunar stay time 33h:31m.
Salyut 1 (USSR)Unmanned space station19-Apr-7111-Oct-71175dFirst space station; occupied by Soyuz 11 crew for 23 days.
Soyuz 10 (USSR)Vladimir Shatalov, Aleksei Yeliseyev, Nikolai Rukavishnikov22-Apr-7124-Apr-711d:23h:46mAdjustment of an improved docking bay between the spacecraft and the orbiting Salyut space station, but no cosmonauts entered the orbiting station.
Soyuz 11 (USSR)Georgi Dobrovolsky, Vladislav Volkov, Viktor Patsayev6-Jun-7129-Jun-7123d:18h:22mDocked and entered Salyut 1 space station; orbited in Salyut 1 for 23 days; crew died during reentry from loss of pressurization.
Apollo 15 (USA)David Scott, Alfred Worden, James Irwin26-Jul-717-Aug-7112d:07h:12mScott and Irwin made fourth Moon landing; first lunar rover use; first deep spacewalk; 3 lunar EVAs totaling 19h:8m; 33 min SEVA by Scott; collected 170 lb (77 kg) of samples; lunar stay time 66h:54m; 38 min Worden EVA-Irwin SEVA; subsatellite released.
Apollo 16 (USA)John Young, Thomas Mattingly, Charles Duke16-Apr-7227-Apr-7211d:01h:51mYoung and Duke made fifth Moon landing; 3 lunar EVAs totaling 20h:14m; collected 213 lb (97 kg) of lunar samples; lunar stay time 71:14; 73 min Mattingly EVA-Duke SEVA; subsatellite released
Apollo 17 (USA)Eugene Cernan, Ronald Evans, Harrison Schmitt7-Dec-7219-Dec-7212d:13h:52mCernan and Schmitt made sixth piloted lunar landing; 3 lunar EVAs totaling 22h:4m; collected 243 lb (110 kg) of samples; record lunar stay of 74:59; 66 min Evans EVA-Schmitt SEVA.
Skylab 1 (USA)Unmanned space station14-May-7311-Jul-792,249dFirst U.S. space station; occupied by Skylab 2, 3 & 4 crews.
Skylab 2 (USA)Charles Conrad, Joseph Kerwin, Paul Weitz25-May-7322-Jun-7328d:00h:50mFirst American piloted orbiting space station; made long-flight tests, crew repaired damage caused during boost; 2 EVAs totaling 5h:14m + 75 min SEVA.
Skylab 3 (USA)Alan Bean, Owen Garriott, Jack Lousma28-Jul-7325-Sep-7359d:11h:10mCrew systems and operational tests, exceeded pre-mission plans for scientific activities; 3 EVAs totaling 13h:46m.
Soyuz 12 (USSR)Vasili Lazarev, Oleg Makarov27-Sep-7329-Sep-731d:23h:16mAfter Soyuz 11 accident, new life support equipment was tested.
Skylab 4 (USA)Gerald Carr, Edward Gibson, William Pogue16-Nov-738-Feb-7484d:01h:15mFinal Skylab mission; endurance record until Soyuz 26-Salyut 6; 4 EVAs totaling 22h:21m, set then-record spacewalk of 7h:1m.
Soyuz 13 (USSR)Pyotr Klimuk, Valentin Lebedev18-Dec-7326-Dec-737d:20h:56mAstrophysical observations made with Orion ultraviolet telescope; Earth is photographed.
Salyut 3 (USSR)Unmanned space station25-Jun-7424-Jan-75213d2nd space station; occupied by Soyuz 14 crew.
Soyuz 14 (USSR)Pavel Popovich, Yuri Artyukhin3-Jul-7419-Jul-7415d:17h:30mSole occupation of Salyut 3 (no docking).
Soyuz 15 (USSR)Gennadi Sarafanov, Lev Demin26-Aug-7428-Aug-742d:00h:12mFailed to dock with Salyut 3 because of Soyuz systems failures; first return to Earth during the night.
Soyuz 16 (USSR)Anatoli Filipchenko, Nikolai Rukavishnikov2-Dec-748-Dec-745d:22h:24mTrial run with a modified Soyuz capable of docking with the U.S. Apollo spacecraft.
Salyut 4 (USSR)Unmanned space station26-Dec-743-Feb-77770d3rd space station; occupied by 2 crews for 93 days.
Soyuz 17 (USSR)Aleksey Gubarev, Georgi Grechko10-Jan-759-Feb-7529d:13h:20mFirst Salyut 4 occupation; Soviet endurance record.
Soyuz 18A (USSR)Vasili Lazarev, Oleg Makarov5-Apr-755-Apr-7521m:27sLaunch to Salyut 4 aborted when stage 1 failed to separate; 14g reentry.
Soyuz 18B (USSR)Pyotr Klimuk, Vitali Sevastyanov24-May-7526-Jul-7562d:23h:20m2nd Salyut 4 occupation; Soviet endurance record.
Soyuz 19-ASTP (USSR)Alexei Leonov, Valeri Kubasov15-Jul-7521-Jul-755d:22h:31mFirst U.S./USSR joint flight; docked with Apollo 18 for 2 days; conducted experiments, shared meals, and held a joint news conference.
Apollo 18-ASTP (USA)Thomas Stafford, Vance Brand, Donald Slayton15-Jul-7524-Jul-759d:01h:28mJoint flight with Soyuz 19.
Salyut 5 (USSR)Unmanned space station22-Jun-768-Aug-77412d4th space station; occupied by 2 crews for 65 days.
Soyuz 21 (USSR)Boris Volynov, Vitali Zholobov6-Jul-7624-Aug-7649d:06h:24mFirst Salyut 5 occupation (48 days); acid fumes forced return.
Soyuz 22 (USSR)Valeri Bykovsky, Vladimir Aksyonov15-Sep-7623-Sep-767d:21h:52mSpacecraft was modified to enable the crew to photograph the Earth.
Soyuz 23 (USSR)Vyacheslav Zudov, Valeri Rozhdestvensky14-Oct-7616-Oct-762d:00h:07mDocking between the spacecraft and Salyut 5 failed; first Soviet splashdown after emergency return.
Soyuz 24 (USSR)Viktor Gorbatko, Yuri Glazkov7-Feb-7725-Feb-7717d:17h:26m2nd Salyut 5 occupation.
Salyut 6 (USSR)Unmanned space station29-Sep-7728-Jul-821763d5th space station; occupied for 676 days by 5 long stay + 11 visiting crews.
Soyuz 25 (USSR)Vladimir Kovalyonok, Valeri Ryumin9-Oct-7711-Oct-772d:00h:45mThe planned manual docking with Salyut 6 failed.
Soyuz 26 (USSR)Yuri Romanenko (up), Georgi Grechko (up), Vladimir Dzhanibekov (down), Oleg Makarov (down)10-Dec-7716-Jan-7837d:10h:06mFirst Salyut 6 occupation, returned in Soyuz 27; Progress 1 resupplies the orbiting complex.
Soyuz 27 (USSR)Vladimir Dzhanibekov (up), Oleg Makarov (up), Yuri Romanenko (down), Georgi Grechko (down)10-Jan-7816-Mar-7864d:22h:53mFirst space station dual occupancy; returned in Soyuz 26.
Soyuz 28 (USSR)Aleksey Gubarev, Vladimir Remek2-Mar-7810-Mar-787d:22h:16mFirst international crew (USSR and Czechoslovakia), to Salyut 6.
Soyuz 29 (USSR)Vladimir Kovalyonok (up), Aleksandr Ivanchenkov (up), Valeri Bykovsky (down), Sigmund Jaehn (down)15-Jun-783-Sep-7879d:15h:24mFirst 100+ day flight, to Salyut 6; returned in Soyuz 31: Progress 2, 3 & 4 resupply the orbiting complex.
Soyuz 30 (USSR)Pyotr Klimuk, Miroslav Hermaszewski27-Jun-785-Jul-787d:22h:03m2nd international crew (USSR and Poland), to Salyut 6.
Soyuz 31 (USSR)Valeri Bykovsky (up), Sigmund Jaehn (up), Vladimir Kovalyonok (down), Aleksandr Ivanchenkov (down)26-Aug-782-Nov-7867d:20h:13m3rd international crew (USSR and East Germany), to Salyut 6; returned in Soyuz 29.
Soyuz 32 (USSR)Vladimir Lyakhov (up), Valeri Ryumin (up), unmanned (down)25-Feb-7913-Jun-79108d:04h:25mCosmonauts board Salyut 6; endurance record; returned in Soyuz 34: Progress 5, 6 and 7 resupply the orbiting complex.
Soyuz 33 (USSR)Nikolai Rukavishnikov, Georgi Ivanov10-Apr-7912-Apr-791d:23h:01m4th international crew (USSR and Bulgaria); failed to dock with Salyut 6 after engine failure.
Soyuz 34 (USSR)Unmanned (up), Vladimir Lyakhov (down), Valeri Ryumin (down)6-Jun-7919-Aug-7973d:18h:17mDelivered for Soyuz 32 crew return to compensate for Soyuz 33 failure.
Soyuz 35 (USSR)Leonid Popov (up), Valeri Ryumin (up), Valeri Kubasov (down), Bertalan Farkas (down)19-Apr-803-Jun-8055d:01h:28m4th Salyut 6 long stay; endurance record; returned in Soyuz 37: Progress 8, 9 and 11 resupply the orbiting complex.
Soyuz 36 (USSR)Valeri Kubasov (up), Bertalan Farkas (up), Viktor Gorbatko (down), Pham Tuan (down)26-May-8031-Jul-8065d:20h:54m5th international crew (USSR and Hungary), to Salyut 6; returned to Soyuz 35.
Soyuz T-2 (USSR)Yuri Malyshev, Vladimir Aksyonov5-Jun-809-Jun-803d:22h:20mFirst manned space flight of the new spacecraft; manual docking with Salyut 6.
Soyuz 37 (USSR)Viktor Gorbatko (up), Pham Tuan (up), Leonid Popov (down), Valeri Ryumin (down)23-Jul-8011-Oct-8079d:15h:17m6th international crew (USSR and Vietnam), to Salyut 6; returned in Soyuz 36.
Soyuz 38 (USSR)Yuri Romanenko, Arnaldo Tamayo Mendez18-Sep-8026-Sep-807d:20h:43m7th international crew (USSR and Cuba), to Salyut 6.
Soyuz T-3 (USSR)Leonid Kizim, Oleg Makarov, Gennadi Strekalov27-Nov-8010-Dec-8012d:19h:08mResumption of 3-man flights; Salyut 6 repair work: Progress 11 resupplies the orbiting complex.
Soyuz T-4 (USSR)Vladimir Kovalyonok, Viktor Savinykh12-Mar-8126-May-8174d:17h:37mLast Salyut 6 long-stay; 50th Soviet/100th spaceman: Progress 12 resupplies the orbiting complex.
Soyuz 39 (USSR)Vladimir Dzhanibekov, Jugderdemidiyn Gurragcha22-Mar-8130-Mar-817d:20h:42m8th international crew (USSR and Mongolia), to Salyut 6.
STS-1, Columbia (USA)John Young, Robert Crippen12-Apr-8114-Apr-812d:06h:22mFirst space shuttle flight; orbital test flight; some thermal tiles lost.
Soyuz 40 (USSR)Leonid Popov, Dumitru Prunariu14-May-8122-May-817d:21h:42m9th international crew (USSR and Romania), to Salyut 6; last flight of old Soyuz design.
STS-2, Columbia (USA)Joseph Engle, Richard Truly12-Nov-8114-Nov-812d:06h:14mFirst reuse of space shuttle; 2nd orbital test flight; test of Canadian robot arm (RMS); 5-day mission halved by fuel cell fault.
STS-3, Columbia (USA)Jack Lousma, Gorden Fullerton22-Mar-8230-Mar-828d:00h:06mThird orbital test flight; first experiements; payload: astronomy; landing delayed 1 day by storm.
Salyut 7 (USSR)Unmanned space station19-Apr-827-Feb-913216d6th space station; occupied for 812 days by 10 crews.
Soyuz T-5 (USSR)Anatoli Berezovoi (up), Valentin Lebedev (up), Leonid Popov (down), Aleksandr Serebrov (down), Svetlana Savitskaya (down)13-May-8227-Aug-82106d:05h:06mFirst Salyut 7 occupation + long stay; returned in Soyuz T-7: Progress 13, 14, 15 and 16 resupply the orbiting complex.
Soyuz T-6 (USSR)Vladimir Dzhanibekov, Aleksandr Ivanchenkov, Jean-Loup Chretien24-Jun-822-Jul-827d:21h:51m10th international crew (USSR and France), to Salyut 7.
STS-4, Columbia (USA)Thomas Mattingly, Henry Hartsfield27-Jun-824-Jul-827d:01h:11mLast orbital test flight; first concrete runway landing; SRBs lost; beginning of operations; payload: military.
Soyuz T-7 (USSR)Leonid Popov (up), Aleksandr Serebrov (up), Svetlana Savitskaya (up), Anatoli Berezovoi (down), Valentin Lebedev (down)19-Aug-8210-Dec-82113d:01h:51mSalyut 7 visit; Savitskaya is 2nd woman in space; returned in Soyuz T-5.
STS-5, Columbia (USA)Vance Brand, Robert Overmyer, Joseph Allen, William Lenoir11-Nov-8216-Nov-825d:02h:15mFirst operational space shuttle mission; first 4-person crew; depolyed 2 communications satellites (COMSATs); EVA cancelled.
STS-6, Challenger (USA)Paul Weitz, Karol Bobko, Donald Peterson, Story Musgrave4-Apr-839-Apr-835d:00h:25mFirst Challenger flight; first shuttle EVA; Tracking & Data Relay Satellite (TDRS).
Soyuz T-8 (USSR)Vladimir Titov, Gennadi Strekalov, Aleksandr Serebrov20-Apr-8322-Apr-832d:00h:18mFailed to dock with Salyut 7 for long stay; radar failed and manual approach aborted.
STS-7, Challenger (USA)Robert Crippen, Frederick Hauck, John Fabian, Sally Ride, Norman Thagard18-Jun-8324-Jun-836d:02h:25mRide first U.S. woman in space; first 5-person crew; 2 COMSATs, German platform SPAS-1.
Soyuz T-9 (USSR)Vladimir Lyakhov, Aleksandr Pavlovich Aleksandrov27-Jun-8323-Nov-83149d:10h:46mSalyut 7 long stay; 2 EVAs added 2 solar panels: Progress 18 resupplies the orbiting complex.
STS-8, Challenger (USA)Richard Truly, Daniel Brandenstein, Dale Gardner, Guion Bluford, William Thornton30-Aug-835-Sep-836d:01h:10mBluford first U.S. black in space; first night launch/ landing; 1 communications satellite deployed.
Soyuz T-10A (USSR)Vladimir Titov, Gennadi Strekalov26-Sep-8326-Sep-8305m:13sLaunchpad fire, first use of escape tower. Descent module re-used by T-15.
STS-9, Columbia (USA)John Young, Brewster Shaw, Owen Garriott, Robert Parker, Byron Lichtenberg, Ulf Merbold28-Nov-838-Dec-8310d:07h:48mMerbold first German on U.S. mission; first 6-person crew; first Spacelab Mission (SL-1).
41-B, Challenger (USA)Vance Brand, Robert Gibson, Bruce McCandless, Ronald McNair, Robert Stewart3-Feb-8411-Feb-847d:23h:17mFirst untethered EVA & testing of MMU jetpack; first Kennedy Space Center landing; 2 COMSATs.
Soyuz T-10B (USSR)Leonid Kizim (up), Vladimir Solovyov (up), Oleg Atkov (up), Yuri Malyshev (down), Gennadi Strekalov (down), Rakesh Sharma (down)8-Feb-8411-Apr-8462:22h:41mFirst long-stay triple crew, to Salyut 7; 6 EVAs totaling 22h:56m; returned in Soyuz T-11.
Soyuz T-11 (USSR)Yuri Malyshev (up), Gennadi Strekalov (up), Rakesh Sharma (up), Leonid Kizim (down), Vladimir Solovyov (down), Oleg Atkov (down)3-Apr-842-Oct-84181d:21h:49m11th international crew (USSR and India), to Salyut 7; returned in Soyuz T-10B.
41-C, Challenger (USA)Robert Crippen, Francis Scobee, George Nelson, James van Hoften, Terry Hart6-Apr-8413-Apr-846d:23h:41mFirst in-orbit satellite retrieval/repair (SMM); LDEF deployment.
Soyuz T-12 (USSR)Vladimir Dzhanibekov, Svetlana Savitskaya, Igor Volk17-Jul-8429-Jul-8411d:19h:15mSalyut 7 visit; Savitskaya makes first EVA by a woman (3h:45m).
41-D, Discovery (USA)Henry Hartsfield, Michael Coats, Judith Resnik, Steven Hawley, Richard Mullane, Charles Walker30-Aug-845-Sep-846d:00h:57mFirst flight of Discovery; first commercial payload specialist; 3 communications satellites.
41-G, Challenger (USA)Robert Crippen, Jon McBride, Kathryn Sullivan, Sally Ride, David Leestma, Marc Garneau, Paul Scully-Power5-Oct-8413-Oct-848d:05h:25mGarneau first Canadian in space; first 7-person crew; first U.S. woman EVA (Sullivan); first 2-women flight; Environmental satellite ERBS.
51-A, Discovery (USA)Frederick Hauck, David Walker, Anna Fisher, Dale Gardner, Joseph Allen8-Nov-8416-Nov-847d:23h:46mFirst satellite retrieval/return; 2 COMSATs.
51-C, Discovery (USA)Thomas Mattingly, Loren Shriver, Ellison Onizuka, James Buchli, Gary Payton24-Jan-8527-Jan-853d:01h:34mFirst mission dedicated to Dept. of Defense (DOD); classified military payload deployed; 100th manned orbital mission.
51-D, Discovery (USA)Karol Bobko, Donald Williams, Rhea Seddon, Jeffrey Hoffman, David Griggs, Charles Walker, Jake Garn12-Apr-8519-Apr-856d:23h:56mGarn first U.S. senator in space; 2 COMSATs, EVA to repair Syncom IV satellite.
51-B, Challenger (USA)Robert Overmyer, Frederick Gregory, Don Lind, Norman Thagard, William Thornton, Lodewijk van den Berg, Taylor Wang29-Apr-856-May-857d:00h:10m2nd Spacelab science mission; 1 satellite released .
Soyuz T-13 (USSR)Vladimir Dzhanibekov, Viktor Savinykh (up), Georgi Grechko (down)6-Jun-8526-Sep-85112d:03h:12mReactivation of Salyut 7; Savinykh stayed with Soyuz T-14 crew: Progress 24 resupplies the station.
51-G, Discovery (USA)Daniel Brandenstein, John Creighton, Shannon Lucid, John Fabian, Steven Nagel, Patrick Baudry, Sultan Salman Al-Saud17-Jun-8524-Jun-857d:01h:40mAl-Saud first Arab in space; Baudry first Frenchman on U.S. mission; 3 communications satellites.
51-F, Challenger (USA)Gorden Fullerton, Roy Bridges, Story Musgrave, Anthony England, Karl Henize, Loren Acton, John-David Bartoe29-Jul-856-Aug-857d:22h:46m3rd Spacelab astronomy/science mission.
51-I, Discovery (USA)Joseph Engle, Richard Covey, James van Hoften, John Lounge, William Fisher27-Aug-853-Sep-857d:02h:18m3 COMSATs, EVA to repair Syncom IV satellite.
Soyuz T-14 (USSR)Vladimir Vasyutin, Aleksandr Volkov, Georgi Grechko (up), Viktor Savinykh (down)17-Sep-8521-Nov-8564d:21h:52mSalyut 7; first mission to be ended by illness (Vasyutin); Grechko returned with Soyuz T-13.
51-J, Atlantis (USA)Karol Bobko, Ronald Grabe, David Hilmers, Robert Stewart, William Pailes3-Oct-857-Oct-854d:01h:46mFirst flight of Atlantis; 2nd DOD mission: details classfied.
61-A, Challenger (USA)Henry Hartsfield, Steven Nagel, James Buchli, Guion Bluford, Bonnie Dunbar, Reinhard Furrer, Ernst Messerschmid, Wubbo Ockels30-Oct-856-Nov-857d:00h:46mOckels first Dutchman in space; first 8-person crew; 1st German Spacelab mission (D1).
61-B, Atlantis (USA)Brewster Shaw, Bryan O'Conner, Mary Cleave, Sherwood Spring, Jerry Ross, Rodolfo Neri Vela, Charles Walker27-Nov-853-Dec-856d:21h:06mVela first Mexican in space; 3 COMSATs, space structures assembly test.
61-C, Columbia (USA)Robert Gibson, Charles Bolden, Franklin Chang-Diaz, Steven Hawley, George Nelson, Robert Cenker, Bill Nelson12-Jan-8618-Jan-866d:02h:05mBill Nelson first U.S. congressman in space; 1 COMSAT, material & astronomy experiments.
51-L, Challenger (USA)Francis Scobee, Michael Smith, Judith Resnik, Ellison Onizuka, Ronald McNair, Gregory Jarvis, Christa McAuliffe28-Jan-86None01m:13sExploded during liftoff, all were killed.
Mir (USSR)Unmanned space station20-Feb-8623-Mar-015,510dNew-generation space station with 6 docking ports; occupied by multiple crews.
Soyuz T-15 (USSR)Leonid Kizim, Vladimir Solovyov13-Mar-8616-Jul-86125d:00h:01mFirst Mir occupation; excursion to Salyut 7 5-May to 26-Jun; two Salyut EVAs totaling 8h:50m; re-used descent module from T-10A abort.
Soyuz TM-2 (USSR)Aleksandr Laveykin, Yuri Romanenko (up), Aleksandr Viktorenko (down), Mohammed Faris (down)5-Feb-8730-Jul-87174d:03h:26m2nd Mir long stay; Romanenko remained at station and set new endurance record, returned in Soyuz TM-3.
Soyuz TM-3 (USSR)Aleksandr Pavlovich Aleksandrov, Aleksandr Viktorenko (up), Mohammed Faris (up), Yuri Romanenko (down), Anatoli Levchenko (down)22-Jul-8729-Dec-87160d:07h:17mMir visit; Aleksandrov remained at station replacing Laveykin; Viktorenko & Faris (Syria) returned in Soyuz TM-2.
Soyuz TM-4 (USSR)Vladimir Titov (up), Musa Manarov (up), Anatoli Levchenko (up), Anatoliy Solovyov (down), Viktor Savinykh (down), Aleksandr Panayotov Aleksandrov (down)21-Dec-8717-Jun-88178d:22h:54m3rd Mir long stay occupation; Titov & Manarov swapped with Romanenko & Aleksandrov; endurance record; 3 EVAs totaling 13h:40m; returned in Soyuz TM-6.
Soyuz TM-5 (USSR)Anatoliy Solovyov (up), Viktor Savinykh (up), Aleksandr Panayotov Aleksandrov (up), Vladimir Lyakhov (down), Abdul Mohmand (down)7-Jun-887-Sep-8891d:10h:46mMir visit; all returned in Soyuz TM-4.
Soyuz TM-6 (USSR)Vladimir Lyakhov (up), Valeri Polyakov (up), Abdul Mohmand (up), Vladimir Titov (down), Musa Manarov (down), Jean-Loup Chretien (down)29-Aug-8821-Dec-88114d:05h:34m4th Mir long stay; physician Polyakov remained with Titov & Manarov; Mohmand first Afghan in space, returned in TM-5.
STS-26, Discovery (USA)Frederick Hauck, Richard Covey, John Lounge, George Nelson, David Hilmers29-Sep-883-Oct-884d:01h:01mRedesigned shuttle makes first flight; Tracking/Data Relay Satellite TDRS-C.
Soyuz TM-7 (USSR)Aleksandr Volkov, Sergei Krikalyov, Jean-Loup Chretien (up), Valeri Polyakov (down)26-Nov-8827-Apr-89151d:11h:08m5th Mir long stay; Volkov & Krikalyov swapped with Titov & Manarov; Chretien EVA, returned in Soyuz TM-6; Volkov & Krikalyov in TM-7.
STS-27, Atlantis (USA)Robert Gibson, Guy Gardner, Richard Mullane, Jerry Ross, William Shepherd2-Dec-886-Dec-884d:09h:06m3rd DOD mission; first Lacrosse imaging radar satellite for all-weather day/night reconnaissance.
STS-29, Discovery (USA)Michael Coats, John Blaha, James Bagian, James Buchli, Robert Springer13-Mar-8918-Mar-894d:23h:40mData Relay Satellite TDRS-D, experiments.
STS-30, Atlantis (USA)David Walker, Ronald Grabe, Norman Thagard, Mary Cleave, Mark Lee4-May-898-May-894d:00h:58mMagellan Venus orbiter launched on IUS stage, arrived Venus Aug 1990.
STS-28, Columbia (USA)Brewster Shaw, Richard Richards, James Adamson, David Leestma, Mark Brown8-Aug-8913-Aug-895d:01h:01m4th DOD mission; deployed military satellite for relaying reconnaissance satellite imagery?
Soyuz TM-8 (USSR)Aleksandr Viktorenko, Aleksandr Serebrov5-Sep-8919-Feb-90166d:06h:58m5th Mir long stay; received Kvant 2; 5 EVAs including 2 with maneuvring backpack.
STS-34, Atlantis (USA)Donald Williams, Michael McCulley, Franklin Chang-Diaz, Shannon Lucid, Ellen Baker18-Oct-8923-Oct-894d:23h:40mGalileo Jupiter orbiter launched on IUS stage, arrived Jupiter Dec 1995.
STS-33, Discovery (USA)Frederick Gregory, John Blaha, Story Musgrave, Manley Carter, Kathryn Thornton23-Nov-8928-Nov-895d:00h:08m5th DOD mission; deployed intelligence satellite?
STS-32, Columbia (USA)Daniel Brandenstein, James Wetherbee, Bonnie Dunbar, David Low, Marsha Ivins9-Jan-9020-Jan-9010d:21h:02mDeployed 1 COMSAT, retrieved/returned Long Duration Exposure Facility (LDEF).
Soyuz TM-9 (USSR)Anatoliy Solovyov, Aleksandr Balandin11-Feb-909-Aug-90179d:01h:18m6th Mir long stay; received Kristall; two EVAs.
STS-36, Atlantis (USA)John Creighton, John Casper, Richard Mullane, David Hilmers, Pierre Thuot28-Feb-904-Mar-904d:10h:19m6th DOD mission; deployed reconnaissance satellite.
STS-31, Discovery (USA)Loren Shriver, Charles Bolden, Steven Hawley, Bruce McCandless, Kathryn Sullivan24-Apr-9029-Apr-905d:01h:17mDeployed Hubble Space Telescope (HST); set Shuttle altitude record of 385 miles (619 km).
Soyuz TM-10 (USSR)Gennadi Manakov, Gennadi Strekalov, Toyohiro Akiyama (down)1-Aug-9010-Dec-90130d:20h:36m7th Mir long stay; emphasised Kristall materials processing, one EVA.
STS-41, Discovery (USA)Richard Richards, Robert Cabana, William Shepherd, Bruce Melnick, Thomas Akers6-Oct-9010-Oct-904d:02h:11mUlysses solar probe launched on IUS stage.
STS-38, Atlantis (USA)Richard Covey, Frank Culbertson, Robert Springer, Carl Meade, Charles Gemar15-Nov-9020-Nov-904d:21h:55m7th DOD mission; deployed intelligence satellite?
STS-35, Columbia (USA)Vance Brand, Guy Gardner, Jeffrey Hoffman, John Lounge, Robert Parker, Samuel Durrance, Ronald Parise2-Dec-9011-Dec-908d:23h:06mAstronomy Spacelab ASTRO, UV/X-ray telescopes.
Soyuz TM-11 (USSR)Viktor Afanasyev, Musa Manarov, Toyohiro Akiyama (up), Helen Sharman (down)2-Dec-9026-May-91175d:01h:51m8th Mir long stay; 4 EVAs; Akiyama first Japanese in space, returned in Soyuz TM-10.
STS-37, Atlantis (USA)Steven Nagel, Kenneth Cameron, Jerry Ross, Jay Apt, Linda Godwin5-Apr-9111-Apr-915d:23h:34mDeployed Gamma Ray Observatory (GRO); 2 EVAs (first since 1985).
STS-39, Discovery (USA)Michael Coats, Blaine Hammond, Guion Bluford, Gregory Harbaugh, Richard Hieb, Donald McMonagle, Charles Veach28-Apr-916-May-918d:07h:23mInfrared astronomy experiments.
Soyuz TM-12 (USSR)Anatoli Artsebarsky, Sergei Krikalyov (up), Helen Sharman (up), Toktar Aubakirov (down), Franz Viehboeck (down)18-May-9110-Oct-91144d:15h:22m9th Mir long stay; Sharman first Briton in space, returned in Soyuz TM-11; Artsebarsly in TM-12, Krikalyov in TM-13; 6 EVAs totaling 31h:58m.
STS-40, Columbia (USA)Bryan O'Conner, Sidney Gutierrez, Rhea Seddon, James Bagian, Tamara Jernigan, Drew Gaffney, Millie Hughes-Fulford5-Jun-9114-Jun-919d:02h:15mFirst Spacelab for Life Sciences (SLS-1); first dedicated life sciences research.
STS-43, Atlantis (USA)John Blaha, Michael Baker, Shannon Lucid, James Adamson, David Low2-Aug-9111-Aug-918d:21h:22mTracking/Data Relay Satellite TDRS-E; Lucid first woman to make 3 fights.
STS-48, Discovery (USA)John Creighton, Kenneth Reightler, James Buchli, Charles Gemar, Mark Brown12-Sep-9118-Sep-915d:08h:28mUpper Atmosphere Research Satellite (UARS) deployed.
Soyuz TM-13 (USSR)Aleksandr Volkov, Toktar Aubakirov (up), Franz Viehboeck (up), Sergei Krikalyov (down), Klaus-Dietrich Flade (down)2-Oct-9125-Mar-92175d:02h:52m10th Mir long stay; first mission with 2 researchers; Viehboeck first Austrian & Aubakirov first Kazakh in space, returned in Soyuz TM-12; Volkov in TM-13; one EVA.
STS-44, Atlantis (USA)Frederick Gregory, Terrence Henricks, Story Musgrave, Mario Runco, James Voss, Thomas Hennen24-Nov-911-Dec-916d:22h:52mDOD satellite, contaminations research.
STS-42, Discovery (USA)Ronald Grabe, Stephen Oswald, Norman Thagard, David Hilmers, William Readdy, Roberta Bondar, Ulf Merbold22-Jan-9230-Jan-928d:01h:16mSpacelab International Microgravity Laboratory (IML-1).
Soyuz TM-14 (Russia)Aleksandr Viktorenko, Aleksandr Kaleri, Klaus-Dietrich Flade (up), Michel Tognini (down)17-Mar-9210-Aug-92145d:14h:11m11th Mir long stay; Flade (Germany), returned in Soyuz TM-13; Viktorenko & Kaleri in TM-14; 123m EVA.
STS-45, Atlantis (USA)Charles Bolden, Brian Duffy, Kathryn Sullivan, David Leestma, Michael Foale, Byron Lichtenberg, Dirk Frimout24-Mar-922-Apr-928d:22h:10mFrimout first Belgian in space; Atmospheric Lab for Applications & Science (ATLAS-1).
STS-49, Endeavour (USA)Daniel Brandenstein, Kevin Chilton, Pierre Thuot, Kathryn Thornton, Richard Hieb, Thomas Akers, Bruce Melnick7-May-9216-May-928d:21h:19mFirst Endeavour flight; 4 EVAs by 4 crew totaling duration record 60.1 manhours; first 3-person EVA; Intelsat-VI recovery and redeployment.
STS-50, Columbia (USA)Richard Richards, Kenneth Bowersox, Bonnie Dunbar, Ellen Baker, Carl Meade, Lawrence DeLucas, Eugene Trinh25-Jun-929-Jul-9213d:19h:31mUS Microgravity Laboratory (USML-1); first Extended Duration Orbiter (EDO); Shuttle duration record.
Soyuz TM-15 (Russia)Anatoliy Solovyov, Sergei Avdeyev, Michel Tognini (up)27-Jul-921-Feb-93188d:21h:41m12th Mir long stay; Togini (France) returned in Soyuz TM-14, Solovyov & Avdeyev in TM-15; 4 EVAs totaling 18h:21m.
STS-46, Atlantis (USA)Loren Shriver, Andrew Allen, Jeffrey Hoffman, Franklin Chang-Diaz, Claude Nicollier, Marsha Ivins, Franco Malerba31-Jul-928-Aug-927d:23h:16mNicollier first Swiss and Malerba first Italian in space; EURECA platform deployment; tether experiment TSS-1.
STS-47, Endeavour (USA)Robert Gibson, Curtis Brown, Mark Lee, Jan Davis, Jay Apt, Mae Jemison, Mamoru Mohri12-Sep-9220-Sep-927d:22h:31m50th shuttle mission; Jemison 1st black woman in space; Mohri 1st Japanese national; Lee & Davis 1st married couple to travel together in space; first Japanese Spacelab (SL-J).
STS-52, Columbia (USA)James Wetherbee, Michael Baker, Charles Veach, William Shepherd, Tamara Jernigan, Steven MacLean22-Oct-921-Nov-929d:20h:57mDeployment of LAGEOS 2; US Microgravity Payload (USMP); materials experiments.
STS-53, Discovery (USA)David Walker, Robert Cabana, Guion Bluford, James Voss, Michael Clifford2-Dec-929-Dec-927d:07h:21mLast DOD mission; DOD satellite deployed; laser experiment.
STS-54, Endeavour (USA)John Casper, Donald McMonagle, Mario Runco, Gregory Harbaugh, Susan Helms13-Jan-9319-Jan-935d:23h:39mDeployment of TDRS-F, Differential X-ray Experiment (DXS), 268 min EVA.
Soyuz TM-16 (Russia)Gennadi Manakov, Aleksandr Polishchuk, Jean-Pierre Haignere (down)24-Jan-9322-Jul-93179d:00h:44m13th Mir long stay; first docking with Kristall androgynous port; two EVAs.
STS-56, Discovery (USA)Kenneth Cameron, Stephen Oswald, Michael Foale, Kenneth Cockrell, Ellen Ochoa8-Apr-9317-Apr-939d:06h:09mCrew included the 300th human in space; Ochoa 1st Hispanic woman in space; 2nd Atmospheric Mission ATLAS-2, SPARTAN-2.
STS-55, Columbia (USA)Steven Nagel, Terrence Henricks, Jerry Ross, Charles Precourt, Bernard Harris, Ulrich Walter, Hans Schlegel26-Apr-936-May-939d:23h:41m2nd German Spacelab mission (D2); Earth observation & astronomy experiments; Shuttle program exceeded 1 year aggregate flight time.
STS-57, Endeavour (USA)Ronald Grabe, Brian Duffy, David Low, Nancy Sherlock, Peter Wisoff, Janice Voss21-Jun-931-Jul-939d:23h:46mFirst Spacehab; EURECA retrival; GAS; EVA.
Soyuz TM-17 (Russia)Vasili Tsibliyev, Aleksandr Serebrov, Jean-Pierre Haignere (up)1-Jul-9314-Jan-94196d:17h:45m14th Mir long stay; Haignere (France) returned in Soyuz TM-16, Tsibliyev/ Serebrov in TM-17; five EVAs.
STS-51, Discovery (USA)Frank Culbertson, William Readdy, James Newman, Daniel Bursch, Carl Walz12-Sep-9322-Sep-939d:20h:12mAdv. Comsat ACTS/TOS deployed; ORFEUS-SPAS; EVA; first KSC night landing.
STS-58, Columbia (USA)John Blaha, Richard Searfoss, Rhea Seddon, William McArthur, David Wolf, Shannon Lucid, Martin Fettman18-Oct-931-Nov-9314d:00h:14mFirst dissection in space; 2nd Spacelab for Life Sciences (SLS-2); 2nd EDO, record duration.
STS-61, Endeavour (USA)Richard Covey, Kenneth Bowersox, Story Musgrave, Kathryn Thornton, Claude Nicollier, Jeffrey Hoffman, Thomas Akers2-Dec-9313-Dec-9310d:19h:59mFirst Hubble Space Telescope servicing mission; 5 EVAs for 4 crew totaling 35h:28m; Akers set new U.S. EVA duration record (29h:40m).
Soyuz TM-18 (Russia)Viktor Afanasyev, Yuri Usachyov, Valeri Polyakov (up)8-Jan-949-Jul-94182d:00h:27m15th Mir long stay; physicain Polyakov remained aboard for record duration, returning with Soyuz TM-20.
STS-60, Discovery (USA)Charles Bolden, Kenneth Reightler, Jan Davis, Ronald Sega, Franklin Chang-Diaz, Sergei Krikalyov3-Feb-9411-Feb-948d:07h:10mKrikalyov first Russian on U.S. shuttle; attempt to deploy the Wake Shield Facility (a device to create vacuums in space) failed; Spacehab 2.
STS-62, Columbia (USA)John Casper, Andrew Allen, Pierre Thuot, Charles Gemar, Marsha Ivins4-Mar-9418-Mar-9413d:23h:18mMicrogravity Payload USMP-2; OAST-2; SSBUV/A; DEE; 3rd EDO.
STS-59, Endeavour (USA)Sidney Gutierrez, Kevin Chilton, Linda Godwin, Jay Apt, Michael Clifford, Thomas Jones9-Apr-9420-Apr-9411d:05h:50mFirst flight of Space Radar Lab; mapped 20% of Earth surface in three dimensions; environmental studies conducted; CONCAP-IV; GAS; NIH-Experiments; Endeavour made record 412 maneuvres.
Soyuz TM-19 (Russia)Yuri Malenchenko, Talgat Musabayev, Ulf Merbold (down)1-Jul-944-Nov-94125d:22h:54m16th Mir long stay, two EVAs.
STS-65, Columbia (USA)Robert Cabana, James Halsell, Richard Hieb, Carl Walz, Leroy Chiao, Donald Thomas, Chiaki Mukai8-Jul-9423-Jul-9414d:17h:56m2-day flight of International Microgravity Laboratory IML-2; more than 80 experiments conducted; 4th EDO, record duration.
STS-64, Discovery (USA)Richard Richards, Blaine Hammond, Jerry Linenger, Susan Helms, Carl Meade, Mark Lee9-Sep-9420-Sep-9410d:22h:51mLaser experiment LITE; SPARTAN-3; SAFER (EVA); ROMPS.
STS-68, Endeavour (USA)Michael Baker, Terrence Wilcutt, Thomas Jones, Steven Smith, Daniel Bursch, Peter Wisoff30-Sep-9411-Oct-9411d:05h:47mSpace Radar Lab SRL-2; GAS; Stamps; secondary payloads.
Soyuz TM-20 (Russia)Aleksandr Viktorenko, Yelena Kondakova, Ulf Merbold (up), Valeri Polyakov (down)4-Oct-9422-Mar-95169d:05h:22m17th Mir long stay; Merbold (ESA) returned with Soyuz TM-19.
STS-66, Atlantis (USA)Donald McMonagle, Curtis Brown, Ellen Ochoa, Scott Parazynski, Joseph Tanner, Jean-Francois Clervoy3-Nov-9414-Nov-9410d:22h:35mAtmospheric Mission ATLAS-3; CRISTA/SPAS; ESCAPE-2.
STS-63, Discovery (USA)James Wetherbee, Eileen Collins, Michael Foale, Janice Voss, Bernard Harris, Vladimir Titov3-Feb-9511-Feb-958d:06h:30mRendezvous with Mir, Spacehab 3, first female pilot (Collins); 2nd Cosmonaut; SPARTAN-4; EVA.
STS-67, Endeavour (USA)Stephen Oswald, William Gregory, Tamara Jernigan, John Grunsfeld, Wendy Lawrence, Ronald Parise, Samuel Durrance2-Mar-9518-Mar-9516d:15h:10m2nd UV Astronomy Spacelab (ASTRO-2); 5th EDO, record duration.
Soyuz TM-21 (Russia)Vladimir Dezhurov (up), Gennadi Strekalov (up), Norman Thagard (up), Anatoliy Solovyov (down), Nikolai Budarin (down)14-Mar-9511-Sep-95181d:00h:41m18th Mir long stay; Thagard first NASA researcher; all crew returning on NASA Shuttle STS-71; three EVAs.
STS-71, Atlantis (USA)Robert Gibson, Charles Precourt, Ellen Baker, Bonnie Dunbar, Gregory Harbaugh, Anatoliy Solovyov (up), Nikolai Budarin (up), Vladimir Dezhurov (down), Gennadi Strekalov (down), Norman Thagard (down)27-Jun-957-Jul-959d:19h:23mFirst Mir docking/crew exchange, 100th US human space flight, Spacelab carried.
STS-70, Discovery (USA)Terrence Henricks, Kevin Kregel, Nancy Currie, Donald Thomas, Mary Weber13-Jul-9522-Jul-958d:22h:21mDeployed TDRS-G; crystal growth and biological experiments.
Soyuz TM-22 (Russia)Yuri Gidzenko, Sergei Avdeyev, Thomas Reiter3-Sep-9529-Feb-96179d:01h:42m20th Mir long stay; ESA researcher Reiter performed 2 EVAs.
STS-69, Endeavour (USA)David Walker, Kenneth Cockrell, James Voss, James Newman, Michael Gernhardt7-Sep-9518-Sep-9510d:20h:30mWake Shield Facility (2nd flight); SPARTAN; 30th Shuttle EVA.
STS-73, Columbia (USA)Kenneth Bowersox, Kent Rominger, Kathryn Thornton, Catherine Coleman, Michael Lopez-Alegria, Fred Leslie, Albert Sacco20-Oct-955-Nov-9515d:21h:53mSpacelab USML-2; educational experiments; 6th EDO.
STS-74, Atlantis (USA)Kenneth Cameron, James Halsell, Jerry Ross, William McArthur, Chris Hadfield12-Nov-9520-Nov-958d:04h:32mMir-Docking/2; delivered docking unit for future Shuttle missions & new solar arrays.
STS-72, Endeavour (USA)Brian Duffy, Brent Jett, Leroy Chiao, Daniel Barry, Winston Scott, Koichi Wakata11-Jan-9620-Jan-968d:22h:02mRetrieved SFU Space Flyer Unit, SPARTAN/OAST Flyer, two EVAs.
Soyuz TM-23 (Russia)Yuri Onufrienko, Yuri Usachyov, Claudie Andre-Deshays (down)21-Feb-962-Sep-96193d:19h:08m21st Mir long stay; 6 EVAs totaling 30h:31m.
STS-75, Columbia (USA)Andrew Allen, Scott Horowitz, Franklin Chang-Diaz, Maurizio Cheli, Jeffrey Hoffman, Claude Nicollier, Umberto Guidoni22-Feb-969-Mar-9615d:17h:41mMicrogravity Payload USMP-3; Tether Satellite TSS-1R; OARE; 7th EDO.
STS-76, Atlantis (USA)Kevin Chilton, Richard Searfoss, Linda Godwin, Michael Clifford, Ronald Sega, Shannon Lucid (up)22-Mar-9631-Mar-969d:05h:17mMir-Docking/3; Spacehab short module; delivered Lucid for Mir stay; EVA mounted experiments on Mir's docking module.
STS-77, Endeavour (USA)John Casper, Curtis Brown, Daniel Bursch, Mario Runco, Marc Garneau, Andrew Thomas19-May-9629-May-9610d:00h:40mInflatable Antenna Experiment (IAE); Spacehab 4; PAMS; SPARTAN; TEAMS.
STS-78, Columbia (USA)Terrence Henricks, Kevin Kregel, Susan Helms, Richard Linnehan, Charles Brady, Jean-Jacques Favier, Robert Thirsk20-Jun-967-Jul-9616d:21h:49mLife & Microgravity Science Spacelab (LMS); SAREX-II; 8th EDO, record duration.
Soyuz TM-24 (Russia)Valeri Korzun, Aleksandr Kaleri, Claudie Andre-Deshays (up), Reinhold Ewald (down)17-Aug-962-Mar-97196d:17h:26m22nd Mir long stay; Andre-Deshays (France) returned in Soyuz TM-23; two EVAs.
STS-79, Atlantis (USA)William Readdy, Terrence Wilcutt, Thomas Akers, Jay Apt, Carl Walz, John Blaha (up), Shannon Lucid (down)16-Sep-9626-Sep-9610d:03h:20mMir-Docking/4; Spacehab double module; crew exchange (Blaha for Lucid); Lucid set new U.S. space endurance record (188d:4h); EVA.
STS-80, Columbia (USA)Kenneth Cockrell, Kent Rominger, Tamara Jernigan, Thomas Jones, Story Musgrave19-Nov-967-Dec-9617d:15h:54mWake Shield Facility (3rd flight); ORFEUS-SPAS II; Space Experiment Module (SEM); EVA; 9th EDO, record duration.
STS-81, Atlantis (USA)Michael Baker, Brent Jett, Peter Wisoff, John Grunsfeld, Marsha Ivins, Jerry Linenger (up), John Blaha (down)12-Jan-9722-Jan-9710d:04h:56mMir-Docking/5; Spacehab-DM; SAREX-II; crew exchange (Linenger for Blaha).
Soyuz TM-25 (Russia)Vasili Tsibliyev, Aleksander Lazutkin, Reinhold Ewald (up)10-Feb-9714-Aug-97184d:22h:08m23rd Mir long stay; Ewald (Germany) returned in Soyuz TM-24; collision with Progress 25-Jun-97; one EVA.
STS-82, Discovery (USA)Kenneth Bowersox, Scott Horowitz, Joseph Tanner, Steven Hawley, Gregory Harbaugh, Mark Lee, Steven Smith11-Feb-9721-Feb-979d:23h:38m2nd Hubble Space Telescope servicing mission; 5 EVAs for 4 crew totaling 33h:11m, replaced 10 instruments.
STS-83, Columbia (USA)James Halsell, Susan Still, Janice Voss, Michael Gernhardt, Donald Thomas, Roger Crouch, Greg Linteris4-Apr-978-Apr-973d:23h:14mMicrogravity Science Lab MSL-1 (returned 12 days early due to fuel cell problem); Reflight as STS-94.
STS-84, Atlantis (USA)Charles Precourt, Eileen Collins, Jean-Francois Clervoy, Carlos Noriega, Edward Lu, Yelena Kondakova, Michael Foale (up), Jerry Linenger (down)15-May-9724-May-979d:05h:21mMir-Docking/6; Spacehab-DM; crew exchange (Foale for Linenger).
STS-94, Columbia (USA)James Halsell, Susan Still, Janice Voss, Michael Gernhardt, Donald Thomas, Roger Crouch, Greg Linteris1-Jul-9717-Jul-9715d:16h:46mMicrogravity Science Lab MSL-1 reflight.
Soyuz TM-26 (Russia)Anatoliy Solovyov, Pavel Vinogradov, Leopold Eyharts (down)5-Aug-9719-Feb-98197d:17h:35m24th Mir long stay; 7 EVAs to repair damage caused by Progress collision.
STS-85, Discovery (USA)Curtis Brown, Kent Rominger, Jan Davis, Robert Curbeam, Stephen Robinson, Bjarni Tryggvason7-Aug-9719-Aug-9711d:20h:28mCRISTA/SPAS II; Japanese Manipulaor (MFD); small payloads.
STS-86, Atlantis (USA)James Wetherbee, Michael Bloomfield, Scott Parazynski, Vladimir Titov, Jean-Loup Chretien, Wendy Lawrence, David Wolf (up), Michael Foale (down)25-Sep-976-Oct-9710d:19h:22mMir-Docking/7; Spacehab-DM; crew exchange (Wolf for Foale).
STS-87, Columbia (USA)Kevin Kregel, Steve Lindsey, Kalpana Chawla, Winston Scott, Takao Doi, Leonid Kadenyuk19-Nov-975-Dec-9715d:16h:35mMicrogravity Payload USMP-4; SPARTAN-201; 2 EVAs; small payloads.
STS-89, Endeavour (USA)Terrence Wilcutt, Joe Edwards, James Reilly, Michael Anderson, Bonnie Dunbar, Salizhan Sharipov, Andrew Thomas (up), David Wolf (down)23-Jan-9831-Jan-988d:19h:48mMir-Docking/8; Spacehab-DM; crew exchange (Thomas for Wolf).
Soyuz TM-27 (Russia)Talgat Musabayev, Nikolai Budarin, Leopold Eyharts (up), Yuri Baturin (down)29-Jan-9825-Aug-98207d:12h:51m25th Mir long stay; Eyharts (France) returned in Soyuz TM-26; 5 EVAs.
STS-90, Columbia (USA)Richard Searfoss, Scott Altman, Kathryn Hire, Richard Linnehan, Dafydd Williams, Jay Buckey, James Pawelczyk17-Apr-983-May-9815d:21h:51mNeurolab (16th Spacelab); bioreactor; small payloads (GAS).
STS-91, Discovery (USA)Charles Precourt, Dominic Gorie, Wendy Lawrence, Franklin Chang-Diaz, Janet Kavandi, Valeri Ryumin, Andrew Thomas (down)2-Jun-9812-Jun-989d:19h:55mMir-Docking/9; Spacehab-SM; returned Thomas; first GAS payload.
Soyuz TM-28 (Russia)Gennadi Padalka, Sergei Avdeyev (up), Yuri Baturin (up), Ivan Bella (down)13-Aug-9828-Feb-99198d:16h:31m26th Mir long stay; Baturin returned in Soyuz TM-27; Avdeyev remained aboard Mir; one EVA.
STS-95, Discovery (USA)Curtis Brown, Steve Lindsey, Scott Parazynski, Stephen Robinson, Pedro Duque, Chiaki Mukai, John Glenn29-Oct-987-Nov-988d:21h:45mSpacehab-SM, SPARTAN-201; John Glenn reflight.
STS-88, Endeavour (USA)Robert Cabana, Frederick Sturckow, Nancy Currie, Jerry Ross, James Newman, Sergei Krikalyov4-Dec-9816-Dec-9811d:19h:19m1st International Space Station (ISS) assembly flight 2A, Unity Module; 3 EVAs for 2 crew totaling 21h:22m; first habitation of ISS.
Soyuz TM-29 (Russia)Viktor Afanasyev, Jean-Pierre Haignere, Ivan Bella (up), Sergei Avdeyev (down)20-Feb-9928-Aug-99188d:20h:16m27th Mir long stay; Bella first Slovak in space, returned in Soyuz TM-28; returned Avdeyev; three EVAs.
STS-96, Discovery (USA)Kent Rominger, Rick Husband, Ellen Ochoa, Tamara Jernigan, Daniel Barry, Julie Payette, Valeri Tokarev27-May-996-Jun-999d:19h:14m2nd ISS assembly flight 2A.1, Spacehab-DM, Starshine; first docking with ISS; 1 EVA for 2 crew totaling 7h:55m.
STS-93, Columbia (USA)Eileen Collins, Jeffrey Ashby, Steven Hawley, Catherine Coleman, Michel Tognini23-Jul-9928-Jul-994d:22h:50mDeployed Chandra/AXAF; first female commander (Collins).
STS-103, Discovery (USA)Curtis Brown, Scott Kelly, Steven Smith, Michael Foale, John Grunsfeld, Claude Nicollier, Jean-Francois Clervoy20-Dec-9928-Dec-997d:23h:12m3rd Hubble Space Telescope servicing mission; 3 EVAs for 4 crew totaling 24h:33m.
STS-99, Endeavour (USA)Kevin Kregel, Dominic Gorie, Janet Kavandi, Janice Voss, Mamoru Mohri, Gerhard Thiele11-Feb-0022-Feb-0011d:05h:40mShuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM); used radar systems to obtain high-resolution digital topographic database of Earth.
Soyuz TM-30 (Russia)Sergei Zalyotin, Aleksandr Kaleri4-Apr-0016-Jun-0072d:19h:42m28th & final Mir long stay; reactivated Mir under contract with MirCorp (a private concern); returned 16-Jun-00.
STS-101, Atlantis (USA)James Halsell, Scott Horowitz, Mary Weber, Jeffrey Williams, James Voss, Susan Helms, Yuri Usachyov19-May-0029-May-009d:20h:10m3rd ISS assembly flight 2A.2a, Spacehab-DM; 1 EVA for 2 crew totaling 6h:44m.
STS-106, Atlantis (USA)Terrence Wilcutt, Scott Altman, Daniel Burbank, Edward Lu, Richard Mastracchio, Yuri Malenchenko, Boris Morukov8-Sep-0020-Sep-0011d:19h:12m4th ISS assembly flight 2A.2b, Spacehab-DM; 1 EVA for 2 crew totaling 6h:14m.
STS-92, Discovery (USA)Brian Duffy, Pamela Melroy, Koichi Wakata, Leroy Chiao, Peter Wisoff, Michael Lopez-Alegria, William McArthur11-Oct-0024-Oct-0012d:21h:44m5th ISS assembly flight 3A, PMA-3, IMAX; 4 EVAs for 4 crew totaling 27h:19m.
Soyuz TM-31 (Russia)Sergei Krikalyov (up), Yuri Gidzenko (up), William Shepherd (up), Talgat Musabayev (down), Yuri Baturin (down), Dennis Tito (down)31-Oct-006-May-01186d:21h:49mDelivered Expedition 1 crew (Shepherd, Gidzenko, Krikalyov), first ISS extended stay totaling 136 days on ISS; returned in STS-102.
STS-97, Endeavour (USA)Brent Jett, Michael Bloomfield, Joseph Tanner, Carlos Noriega, Marc Garneau1-Dec-0011-Dec-0010d:19h:58m6th ISS assembly flight 4A, PV Module P6; 3 EVAs for 2 crew totaling 19h:20m.
STS-98, Atlantis (USA)Kenneth Cockrell, Mark Polansky, Robert Curbeam, Thomas Jones, Marsha Ivins7-Feb-0120-Feb-0112d:21h:21m7th ISS assembly flight 5A, US Lab; 3 EVAs for 2 crew totaling 19h:49m, final EVA 100th in U.S. history.
STS-102, Discovery (USA)James Wetherbee, James Kelly, Andrew Thomas, Paul Richards, Yuri Usachyov (up), James Voss (up), Susan Helms (up), William Shepherd (down), Yuri Gidzenko (down), Sergei Krikalyov (down)8-Mar-0121-Mar-0112d:19h:51m8th ISS assembly flight 5A.1, Leonardo MPLM; External Stowage Platform; delivered Expedition 2 crew (Usachyov, Voss, Helms), returned Expedition 1 crew (Shepherd, Gidzenko, Krikalyov); 2 EVAs for 4 crew totaling 15h:26m.
STS-100, Endeavour (USA)Kent Rominger, Jeffrey Ashby, Chris Hadfield, Scott Parazynski, John Phillips, Umberto Guidoni, Yuri Lonchakov19-Apr-011-May-0111d:21h:31m9th ISS assembly flight 6A, Canadarm2, Raffaello MPLM; 2 EVAs for 2 crew totaling 14h:50m.
Soyuz TM-32 (Russia)Talgat Musabayev (up), Yuri Baturin (up), Dennis Tito (up), Viktor Afanasyev (down), Konstantin Kozeyev (down), Claudie Haignere (down)28-Apr-0131-Oct-01185d:21h:23mExchanged Soyuz TM-32 for TM-31 to serve ISS as emergency escape vehicle; Tito first space "tourist" having paid $20 million for trip.
STS-104, Atlantis (USA)Steve Lindsey, Charles Hobaugh, Michael Gernhardt, James Reilly, Janet Kavandi12-Jul-0125-Jul-0112d:18h:37m10th ISS assembly flight 7A, ISS Airlock; 3 EVA for 2 crew totaling 16h:30m.
STS-105, Discovery (USA)Scott Horowitz, Frederick Sturckow, Daniel Barry, Patrick Forrester, Frank Culbertson (up), Vladimir Dezhurov (up), Mikhail Tyurin (up), Yuri Usachyov (down), James Voss (down), Susan Helms (down)10-Aug-0122-Aug-0111d:21h:14m11th ISS assembly flight 7A.1, Leonardo MPLM; delivered Expedition 3 crew (Culbertson, Dezhurov, Tyurin), returned Expedition 2 crew (Usachyov, Voss, Helms); 2 EVAs for 2 crew totaling 11h:45m.
Soyuz TM-33 (Russia)Viktor Afanasyev (up), Konstantin Kozeyev (up), Claudie Haignere (up), Yuri Gidzenko (down), Roberto Vittori (down), Mark Shuttleworth (down)21-Oct-015-May-02195d:18h:52mExchanged Soyuz TM-33 for TM-32 to serve ISS as emergency escape vehicle.
STS-108, Endeavour (USA)Dominic Gorie, Mark Kelly, Linda Godwin, Daniel Tani, Yuri Onufrienko (up), Carl Walz (up), Daniel Bursch (up), Frank Culbertson (down), Vladimir Dezhurov (down), Mikhail Tyurin (down)5-Dec-0117-Dec-0111d:19h:37mISS utilization flight UF-1, Raffaello MPLM, GAS, MACH-1; delivered Expedition 4 crew (Onufrienko, Walz, Bursch), returned Expedition 3 crew (Culbertson, Dezhurov, Tyurin); 1 EVA for 2 crew totaling 4h:12m.
STS-109, Columbia (USA)Scott Altman, Duane Carey, John Grunsfeld, Nancy Currie, James Newman, Richard Linnehan, Michael Massimino1-Mar-0212-Mar-0210d:22h:11m4th Hubble Space Telescope servicing mission, Advanced Camera for Surveys (ACS); 5 EVA for 4 crew totaling 35h:55m.
STS-110, Atlantis (USA)Michael Bloomfield, Stephen Frick, Jerry Ross, Steven Smith, Ellen Ochoa, Lee Morin, Rex Walheim8-Apr-0219-Apr-0210d:19h:44mISS assembly flight 8A, Center Integrated Truss Assembly S0 (ITS S0), Mobile Transporter (MT); 4 EVA for 4 crew totaling 28h:22m.
Soyuz TM-34 (Russia)Yuri Gidzenko (up), Roberto Vittori (up), Mark Shuttleworth (up), Sergei Zalyotin (down), Frank De Winne (down), Yuri Lonchakov (down)25-Apr-0210-Nov-02198d:17h:38mExchanged Soyuz TM-34 for TM-33 to serve ISS as emergency escape vehicle; Shuttleworth first South African in space and 2nd space tourist.
STS-111, Endeavour (USA)Kenneth Cockrell, Paul Lockhart, Franklin Chang-Diaz, Philippe Perrin, Valeri Korzun (up), Sergei Treschev (up), Peggy Whitson (up), Yuri Onufrienko (down), Carl Walz (down), Daniel Bursch (down)5-Jun-0219-Jun-0213d:20h:36mISS utilization flight UF-2, Leonardo MPLM, Mobile Base System (MBS); delivered Expedition 5 crew (Korzun, Treschev, Whitson), returned Expedition 4 crew (Onufrienko, Walz, Bursch); 3 EVA for 2 crew totaling 19h:31m.
STS-112, Atlantis (USA)Jeffrey Ashby, Pamela Melroy, David Wolf, Piers Sellers, Sandra Magnus, Fyodor Yurchikhin7-Oct-0218-Oct-0210d:19h:59mISS assembly flight 9A, Integrated Truss Assembly S1 (ITS S1), Crew Equipment Translation Aid (CETA); 3 EVA for 2 crew totaling 19h:41m.
Soyuz TMA-1 (Russia)Sergei Zalyotin (up), Frank De Winne (up), Yuri Lonchakov (up), Nikolai Budarin (down), Kenneth Bowersox (down), Donald Pettit (down)30-Oct-0204-May-03185d:22h:53mExchanged Soyuz TMA-1 for TM-34 to serve ISS as emergency escape vehicle; returned Expedition 6 crew (Bowersox, Budarin, Pettit).
STS-113, Endeavour (USA)James Wetherbee, Paul Lockhart, Michael Lopez-Alegria, John Herrington, Kenneth Bowersox (up), Nikolai Budarin (up), Donald Pettit (up), Valeri Korzun (down), Sergei Treschev (down), Peggy Whitson (down)24-Nov-027-Dec-0213d:18h:49mISS assembly flight 11A, Integrated Truss Assembly P1 (ITS P1), CETA; delivered Expedition 6 crew (Bowersox, Budarin, Pettit), returned Expedition 5 crew (Korzun, Treschev, Whitson); 3 EVA for 2 crew totaling 19h:55m.
STS-107, Columbia (USA)Rick Husband, William McCool, Michael Anderson, Kalpana Chawla, David Brown, Laurel Clark, Ilan Ramon16-Jan-031-Feb-0315d:22h:20mSpacehab-DM, Freestar; Ramon first Israeli in space; orbiter broke up during reentry resulting in the loss of both vehicle and crew.
Soyuz TMA-2 (Russia)Yuri Malenchenko, Edward Lu, Pedro Duque (down)26-Apr-0327-Oct-03183d:22h:46mExchanged Soyuz TMA-2 for TMA-1 to serve ISS as emergency escape vehicle; delivered & returned Expedition 7 crew (Malenchenko, Lu).
Shenzhou 5 (China)Yang Liwei15-Oct-0315-Oct-0321h:23mFirst Chinese manned flight (14 orbits).
Soyuz TMA-3 (Russia)Aleksandr Kaleri, Michael Foale, Pedro Duque (up), Andre Kuipers (down)18-Oct-0330-Apr-04194d:18h:33mExchanged Soyuz TMA-3 for TMA-2 to serve ISS as emergency escape vehicle; delivered & returned Expedition 8 crew (Foale, Kaleri); Duque first Spaniard in space.
Soyuz TMA-4 (Russia)Gennadi Padalka, Michael Fincke, Andre Kuipers (up), Yuri Shargin (down)19-Apr-0424-Oct-04187d:21h:16mExchanged Soyuz TMA-4 for TMA-3 to serve ISS as emergency escape vehicle; delivered & returned Expedition 9 crew (Padalka, Fincke).
SpaceShipOne, Flight 15 (private)Michael Melvill 21-Jun-0421-Jun-0424m:05sFirst privately funded, non-government manned space flight; suborbital reaching 328,491 feet (100,124 m) altitude.
SpaceShipOne, Flight 16 (private)Michael Melvill 29-Sep-0429-Sep-0424m:11sFirst of two flights to claim Ansari X-prize; suborbital reaching 337,569 feet (102,891 m) altitude.
SpaceShipOne, Flight 17 (private)Brian Binnie 4-Oct-044-Oct-0423m:56sSecond of two flights to claim Ansari X-prize; suborbital reaching 367,442 feet (111,997 m) setting rocket-plane altitude record.
Soyuz TMA-5 (Russia)Salizhan Sharipov, Leroy Chiao, Yuri Shargin (up), Roberto Vittori (down)14-Oct-0424-Apr-05192d:19h:02mExchanged Soyuz TMA-5 for TMA-4 to serve ISS as emergency escape vehicle; delivered & returned Expedition 10 crew (Chiao, Sharipov).
Soyuz TMA-6 (Russia)Sergei Krikalyov, John Phillips, Roberto Vittori (up), Gregory Olsen (down)15-Apr-0511-Oct-05179d:00h:23mExchanged Soyuz TMA-6 for TMA-5 to serve ISS as emergency escape vehicle; delivered Expedition 11 crew (Krikalyov, Phillips).
STS-114, Discovery (USA)Eileen Collins, James Kelly, Charles Camarda, Wendy Lawrence, Soichi Noguchi, Stephen Robinson, Andrew Thomas26-Jul-0509-Aug-0513d:21h:33mISS logistics flight LF-1, Raffaello MPLM, deployed ESP-2; test and evaluate new safety procedures; 3 EVA for 2 crew totaling 20h:05m.
Soyuz TMA-7 (Russia)Valeri Tokarev, William McArthur, Gregory Olsen (up), Macros Pontes (down)1-Oct-0508-Apr-06189d:19h:53mExchanged Soyuz TMA-7 for TMA-6 to serve ISS as emergency escape vehicle; delivered Expedition 12 crew (McArthur, Tokarev); Olsen 3rd space tourist.
Shenzhou 6 (China)Fei Junlong, Nie Haishen12-Oct-0516-Oct-054d:19h:32mSecond Chinese manned flight; first two man crew (76 orbits).
Soyuz TMA-8 (Russia)Pavel Vinogradov, Jeffrey Williams, Macros Pontes (up), Anousheh Ansari (down)30-Mar-0629-Sep-06182d:22h:43mExchanged Soyuz TMA-8 for TMA-7 to serve ISS as emergency escape vehicle; delivered Expedition 13 crew (Vinogradov, Williams); Pontes first Brazilain in space.
STS-121, Discovery (USA)Steve Lindsey, Mark Kelly, Mike Fossum, Lisa Nowak, Stephanie Wilson, Piers Sellers, Thomas Reiter (up)4-Jul-0617-Jul-0612d:18h:37mISS utilization & logistics flight ULF-1.1, Leonardo MPLM, performed ISS maintenance, delivered supplies & crewmember Reiter, tested new safety equipment & procedures; 3 EVA for 2 crew totaling 21h:29m.
STS-115, Atlantis (USA)Brent Jett, Christopher Ferguson, Joseph Tanner, Daniel Burbank, Steven MacLean, Heidemarie Stefanyshyn-Piper9-Sep-0621-Sep-0611d:19h:07mISS assembly flight 12A, installed the P3/P4 integrated truss and second set of solar arrays with rotary joint; 3 EVA for 4 crew totaling 20h:19m.
Soyuz TMA-9 (Russia)Mikhail Tyurin, Michael Lopez-Alegria, Anousheh Ansari (up), Charles Simonyi (down)18-Sep-0621-Apr-07215d:08h:23mExchanged Soyuz TMA-9 for TMA-8 to serve ISS as emergency escape vehicle; delivered Expedition 14 crew (Lopez-Alegria, Tyurin). Ansari 4th space tourist (first female), first Iranian-American in space.
STS-116, Discovery (USA)Mark Polansky, William Oefelein, Robert Curbeam, Joan Higginbotham, Nicholas Patrick, Christer Fuglesang, Sunita Williams (up), Thomas Reiter (down)9-Dec-0622-Dec-0612d:20h:45mISS assembly flight 12A.1, installed the P5 integrated truss, rewired ISS power system, Spacehab-SM, exchanged crewmembers Williams & Reiter; 4 EVA for 3 crew totaling 25h:45m, record 4 EVA in one mission by Curbeam; Fuglesang first Swede in space.
Soyuz TMA-10 (Russia)Fyodor Yurchikhin, Oleg Kotov, Charles Simonyi (up), Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor (down)7-Apr-0721-Oct-07196d:17h:05mExchanged Soyuz TMA-10 for TMA-9 to serve ISS as emergency escape vehicle; delivered Expedition 15 crew (Yurchikhin, Kotov); Simonyi 5th space tourist.
STS-117, Atlantis (USA)Frederick Sturchow, Lee Archambault, Patrick Forrester, Steven Swanson, John Olivas, James Reilly, Clayton Anderson (up), Sunita Williams (down)8-Jun-0722-Jun-0713d:20h:12mISS assembly flight 13A, installed the S3/S4 integrated truss and third set of solar arrays with rotary joint, exchanged crewmembers Anderson & Williams; 4 EVA for 4 crew totaling 27h:58m.
STS-118, Endeavour (USA)Scott Kelly, Charles Hobaugh, Tracy Caldwell, Richard Mastracchio, Dafydd Williams, Barbara Morgan, B. Alvin Drew8-Aug-0721-Aug-0712d:17h:56mISS assembly flight 13A.1, installed the S5 integrated truss, deployed ESP-3, replaced CMG-3; first use of station-to-shuttle power transfer system (SSPTS); 4 EVA for 2 crew + 1 ISS crew totaling 23h:15m.
Soyuz TMA-11 (Russia)Yuri Malenchenko, Peggy Whitson, Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor (up), Yi So-yeon (down)10-Oct-0719-Apr-08191d:19h:07mExchanged Soyuz TMA-11 for TMA-10 to serve ISS as emergency escape vehicle; delivered Expedition 16 crew (Whitson, Malenchenko). Shukor first Malaysian in space; Whitson first female ISS commander.
STS-120, Discovery (USA)Pamela Melroy, George Zamka, Scott Parazynski, Stephanie Wilson, Douglas Wheelock, Paolo Nespoli, Daniel Tani (up), Clayton Anderson (down)23-Oct-077-Nov-0715d:02h:24mISS assembly flight 10A, installed Harmony Node 2 module, relocated P6 integrated truss, exchanged crewmembers Tani & Anderson; 4 EVA for 3 crew totaling 27h:14m.
STS-122, Atlantis (USA)Stephen Frick, Alan Poindexter, Leland Melvin, Rex Walheim, Hans Schlegel, Stanley Love, Leopold Eyharts (up), Daniel Tani (down)7-Feb-0820-Feb-0812d:18h:22mISS assembly flight 1E, delivered ESA's Columbus Laboratory, exchanged crewmembers Eyharts & Tani; 3 EVA for 3 crew totaling 22h:08m.
STS-123, Endeavour (USA)Dominic Gorie, Gregory Johnson, Robert Behnken, Michael Foreman, Richard Linnehan, Takao Doi, Garrett Reisman (up), Leopold Eyharts (down)11-Mar-0827-Mar-0815d:18h:12mISS assembly flight 1J/A, delivered Japanese Kibo Experiment Logistics Module and Canadian Dextre Robotics System, first full utilization of SSPTS, exchanged crewmembers Reisman & Eyharts; 5 EVA for 4 crew totaling 33h:28m.
Soyuz TMA-12 (Russia)Sergei Volkov, Oleg Kononenko, Yi So-yeon (up), Richard Garriott (down)8-Apr-0824-Oct-08198d:16h:20mExchanged Soyuz TMA-12 for TMA-11 to serve ISS as emergency escape vehicle; delivered Expedition 17 crew (Volkov, Kononenko). Yi first Korean in space; Volkov first 2nd generation cosmonaut.
STS-124, Discovery (USA)Mark Kelly, Kenneth Ham, Karen Nyberg, Ronald Garan, Michael Fossum, Akihiko Hoshide, Gregory Chamitoff (up), Garrett Reisman (down)31-May-0814-Jun-0813d:18h:13mISS assembly flight 1J, delivered Japanese Kibo Pressurized Module and Remote Manipulator System, exchanged crewmembers Chamitoff & Reisman; 3 EVA for 2 crew totaling 20h:32m.
Shenzhou 7 (China)Zhai Zhigang, Liu Boming, Jing Haipeng25-Sep-0828-Sep-082d:20h:27mFirst Chinese three man crew; first Chinese EVA by Zhai (20 min); released sub-satellite (40 kg).
Soyuz TMA-13 (Russia)Yuri Lonchakov, Michael Fincke, Richard Garriott (up), Charles Simonyi (down)12-Oct-0808-Apr-09178d:00h:14mExchanged Soyuz TMA-13 for TMA-12 to serve ISS as emergency escape vehicle; delivered Expedition 18 crew (Fincke, Lonchakov). Tourist Garriott first 2nd generation American in space.
STS-126, Endeavour (USA)Christopher Ferguson, Eric Boe, Donald Pettit, Stephen Bowen, Heidemarie Stefanyshyn-Piper, Robert Kimbrough, Sandra Magnus (up), Gregory Chamitoff (down)15-Nov-0830-Nov-0815d:20h:30mISS utilization & logistics flight ULF-2, Leonardo MPLM, delivered life support & habitability systems, performed ISS maintenance, exchanged crewmembers Magnus & Chamitoff; 4 EVA for 3 crew totaling 26h:41m.
STS-119, Discovery (USA)Lee Archambault, Dominic Antonelli, Joseph Acaba, Steven Swanson, Richard Arnold, John Phillips, Koichi Wakata (up), Sandra Magnus (down)15-Mar-0928-Mar-0912d:19h:30mISS assembly flight 15A, installed the S6 integrated truss and fourth set of solar arrays, exchanged crewmembers Wakata & Magnus; 3 EVA for 3 crew totaling 19h:04m.
Soyuz TMA-14 (Russia)Gennadi Padalka, Michael Barratt, Charles Simonyi (up), Guy Laliberté (down)26-Mar-0911-Oct-09198d:16h:42mExchanged Soyuz TMA-14 for TMA-13 to serve ISS as emergency escape vehicle; delivered Expedition 19/20 crew (Padalka, Barratt). Simonyi makes second trip as space tourist.
STS-125, Atlantis (USA)Scott Altman, Gregory Johnson, Michael Good, Megan McArthur, John Grunsfeld, Mike Massimino, Andrew Feustel11-May-0924-May-0912d:21h:37mFifth Hubble Space Telescope servicing mission (last planned); 5 EVAs for 4 crew totaling 36h:56m.
Soyuz TMA-15 (Russia)Roman Romanenko, Frank De Winne, Robert Thirsk27-May-091-Dec-09187d:20h:41mDelivered Expedition 20/21 crew; remained docked to serve ISS as emergency escape vehicle. Start of six-person crew operations on ISS.
STS-127, Endeavour (USA)Mark Polansky, Douglas Hurley, Christopher Cassidy, Julie Payette, Thomas Marshburn, David Wolf, Timothy Kopra (up), Koichi Wakata (down)15-Jun-0931-Jul-0915d:16h:45mISS assembly flight 2J/A, delivered Japanese Kibo Exposed Facility and Exposed Section of Experiment Logistics Module, exchanged crewmembers Kopra & Wakata; 5 EVAs for 4 crew totaling 30h:30m.
STS-128, Discovery (USA)Frederick Sturckow, Kevin Ford, Patrick Forrester, Jose Hernandez, Christer Fuglesang, John Olivas, Nicole Stott (up), Timothy Kopra (down)29-Aug-0912-Sep-0913d:20h:54mISS assembly flight 17A, Leonardo MPLM, Lightweight Multi-Purpose Experiment Support Structure Carrier, exchanged crewmembers Stott & Kopra; 3 EVAs for 3 crew totaling 20h:15m.
Soyuz TMA-16 (Russia)Maksim Surayev, Jeffrey Williams, Guy Laliberté (up)30-Sep-0918-Mar-10169d:04h:10mExchanged Soyuz TMA-16 for TMA-14 to serve ISS as emergency escape vehicle; delivered Expedition 21/22 crew (Williams, Surayev). Laliberté first Canadian space tourist.
STS-129, Atlantis (USA)Charles Hobaugh, Barry Wilmore, Leland Melvin, Randolph Bresnik, Michael Foreman, Robert Satcher, Nicole Stott (down)16-Nov-0927-Nov-0910d:19h:16mISS utilization & logistics flight ULF-3, ExPRESS Logistic Carriers ELC-1 & ELC-2, delivered spare components; 3 EVAs for 3 crew totaling 18h:27m.
Soyuz TMA-17 (Russia)Oleg Kotov, Timothy Creamer, Soichi Noguchi20-Dec-092-Jun-10163d:05h:32mDelivered Expedition 22/23 crew; remained docked to serve ISS as emergency escape vehicle.
STS-130, Endeavour (USA)George Zamka, Terry Virts, Kathryn Hire, Stephen Robinson, Nicholas Patrick, Robert Behnken8-Feb-1022-Feb-1013d:18h:08mISS assembly flight 20A, delivered Tranquility Module (Node 3) and Cupola; 3 EVAs for 2 crew totaling 18h:14m.
Soyuz TMA-18 (Russia)Aleksandr Skvortsov, Mikhail Korniyenko, Tracy Caldwell-Dyson2-Apr-1025-Sep-10176d:01h:19mDelivered Expedition 23/24 crew; remained docked to serve ISS as emergency escape vehicle.
STS-131, Discovery (USA)Alan Poindexter, James Dutton, Richard Mastracchio, Dorothy Metcalf-Lindenburger, Stephanie Wilson, Naoko Yamazaki, Clayton Anderson5-Apr-1020-Apr-1015d:02h:47mISS assembly flight 19A, Leonardo MPLM, replaced ammonia tank & rate gyro assemblies; 3 EVAs for 2 crew totaling 20h:17m.
STS-132, Atlantis (USA)Kenneth Ham, Dominic Antonelli, Garrett Reisman, Michael Good, Stephen Bowen, Piers Sellers14-May-1026-May-1011d:18h:29mISS utilization & logistics flight ULF-4, delivered Russian Rassvet Mini-Research Module; 3 EVAs for 3 crew totaling 21h:20m.
Soyuz TMA-19 (Russia)Fyodor Yurchikhin, Shannon Walker, Douglas Wheelock15-Jun-1026-Nov-10163d:07h:11mDelivered Expedition 24/25 crew; remained docked to serve ISS as emergency escape vehicle.
Soyuz TMA-01M (Russia)Aleksandr Kaleri, Oleg Skripochka, Scott Kelly7-Oct-1016-Mar-11159d:08h:43mDelivered Expedition 25/26 crew; remained docked to serve ISS as emergency escape vehicle.
Soyuz TMA-20 (Russia)Dmitri Kondratiyev, Paolo Nespoli, Catherine Coleman15-Dec-1024-May-11159d:07h:18mDelivered Expedition 26/27 crew; remained docked to serve ISS as emergency escape vehicle.
STS-133, Discovery (USA)Steven Lindsey, Eric Boe, Nicole Stott, Alvin Drew, Michael Barratt, Stephen Bowen24-Feb-119-Mar-1112d:19h:05mISS utilization & logistics flight ULF-5, ExPRESS Logistics Carrier ELC-4, Permanent Multi-Purpose Module (PMM); 2 EVAs for 2 crew totaling 12h:48m. Last flight of Discovery.
Soyuz TMA-21 (Russia)Andrei Borisenko, Aleksandr Samokutyayev, Ronald Garan4-Apr-1116-Sep-11164d:05h:41mDelivered Expedition 27/28 crew; remained docked to serve ISS as emergency escape vehicle.
STS-134, Endeavour (USA)Mark Kelly, Gregory Johnson, Michael Fincke, Roberto Vittori, Andrew Feustel, Gregory Chamitoff16-May-111-Jun-1115d:17h:39mISS utilization & logistics flight ULF-6, ExPRESS Logistics Carrier ELC-3, Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer (AMS); 4 EVAs for 3 crew totaling 28h:44m. Last flight of Endeavour.
Soyuz TMA-02M (Russia)Sergei Volkov, Michael Fossum, Satoshi Furukawa7-Jun-1122-Nov-11167d:06h:14mDelivered Expedition 28/29 crew; remained docked to serve ISS as emergency escape vehicle.
STS-135, Atlantis (USA)Christopher Ferguson, Douglas Hurley, Sandra Magnus, Rex Walheim8-Jul-1121-Jul-1112d:18h:29mISS utilization & logistics flight ULF-7, Raffaello MPLM, Lightweight Multi-Purpose Carrier (LMC). Last flight of Atlantis, final mission of Space Shuttle program.
Tiangong-1 (China)Unmanned space station29-Sep-11TBDTBDFirst Chinese space station; occupied by Shenzhou 9 & 10 crews.
Soyuz TMA-22 (Russia)Anton Shkaplerov, Anatoli Ivanishin, Daniel Burbank14-Nov-1127-Apr-12165d:07h:31mDelivered Expedition 29/30 crew; remained docked to serve ISS as emergency escape vehicle.
Soyuz TMA-03M (Russia)Oleg Kononenko, Andre Kuipers, Donald Pettit21-Dec-111-Jul-12192d:18h:58mDelivered Expedition 30/31 crew; remained docked to serve ISS as emergency escape vehicle.
Soyuz TMA-04M (Russia)Gennady Padalka, Sergei Revin, Joseph Acaba15-May-1217-Sep-12124d:23h:52mDelivered Expedition 31/32 crew; remained docked to serve ISS as emergency escape vehicle.
Shenzhou 9 (China)Jing Haipeng, Liu Wang, Liu Yang16-Jun-1229-Jun-1212d:15h:24mFirst manned mission to Tiangong-1; performed China's first manned rendezvous and docking. Jing Haipeng becomes China's first repeat astronaut; Liu Yang first Chinese woman in space.
Soyuz TMA-05M (Russia)Yuri Malenchenko, Sunita Williams, Akihiko Hoshide15-Jul-1219-Nov-12126d:23h:13mDelivered Expedition 32/33 crew; remained docked to serve ISS as emergency escape vehicle.
Soyuz TMA-06M (Russia)Oleg Novitskiy, Evgeny Tarelkin, Kevin Ford23-Oct-1216-Mar-13143d:16h:20mDelivered Expedition 33/34 crew; remained docked to serve ISS as emergency escape vehicle.
Soyuz TMA-07M (Russia)Roman Romanenko, Chris Hadfield, Thomas Marshburn19-Dec-1214-May-13145d:14h:18mDelivered Expedition 34/35 crew; remained docked to serve ISS as emergency escape vehicle.
Soyuz TMA-08M (Russia)Pavel Vinogradov, Alexander Misurkin, Christopher Cassidy28-Mar-1311-Sep-13166d:06h:15mDelivered Expedition 35/36 crew; remained docked to serve ISS as emergency escape vehicle.
Soyuz TMA-09M (Russia)Fyodor Yurchikhin, Karen Nyberg, Luca Parmitano28-May-1311-Nov-13166d:06h:18mDelivered Expedition 36/37 crew; remained docked to serve ISS as emergency escape vehicle.
Shenzhou 10 (China)Nie Haisheng, Zhang Xiaoguang, Wang Yaping11-Jun-1326-Jun-1314d:14h:29mSecond and final manned mission to Tiangong-1; Chinese endurance record.
Soyuz TMA-10M (Russia)Oleg Kotov, Sergey Ryazansky, Michael Hopkins25-Sep-1311-Mar-14166d:06h:25mDelivered Expedition 37/38 crew; remained docked to serve ISS as emergency escape vehicle.
Soyuz TMA-11M (Russia)Mikhail Tyurin, Richard Mastracchio, Koichi Wakata07-Nov-1314-May-14187d:21h:44mDelivered Expedition 38/39 crew; remained docked to serve ISS as emergency escape vehicle.
Soyuz TMA-12M (Russia)Aleksandr Skvortsov, Oleg Artemyev, Steven Swanson25-Mar-1411-Sep-14169d:05h:06mDelivered Expedition 39/40 crew; remained docked to serve ISS as emergency escape vehicle.
Soyuz TMA-13M (Russia)Maksim Surayev, Gregory Wiseman, Alexander Gerst28-May-1410-Nov-14165d:08h:00mDelivered Expedition 40/41 crew; remained docked to serve ISS as emergency escape vehicle.
Soyuz TMA-14M (Russia)Aleksandr Samokutyayev, Yelena Serova, Barry Wilmore25-Sep-1412-Mar-14167d:05h:42mDelivered Expedition 41/42 crew; remained docked to serve ISS as emergency escape vehicle.
Soyuz TMA-15M (Russia)Anton Shkaplerov, Samantha Cristoforetti, Terry Virts23-Nov-1411-Jun-15199d:16h:43mDelivered Expedition 42/43 crew; remained docked to serve ISS as emergency escape vehicle.
Soyuz TMA-16M (Russia)Gennady Padalka, Mikhail Korniyenko (up), Scott Kelly (up), Andreas Mogensen (down), Aidyn Aimbetov (down)27-Mar-1512-Sep-15168d:05h:08mDelivered Expedition 43/44 (Padalka, Kelly, Korniyenko) and 45/46 (Kelly, Korniyenko) crews; remained docked to serve ISS as emergency escape vehicle. Kelly & Korniyenko to perform first one-year stay at ISS.
Soyuz TMA-17M (Russia)Oleg Kononenko, Kimiya Yui, Kjell Lindgren22-Jul-15planned
142 days
Delivered Expedition 44/45 crew; remained docked to serve ISS as emergency escape vehicle.
Soyuz TMA-18M (Russia)Sergey Volkov, Andreas Mogensen (up), Aidyn Aimbetov (up), Mikhail Korniyenko (planned down), Scott Kelly (planned down)02-Sep-15planned
183 days
Delivered Expedition 45/46 crew (Volkov); remained docked to serve ISS as emergency escape vehicle.

NOTE: All dates are Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).
TBD = to be determined

Compiled and edited by Robert A. Braeunig, 1996-2015.