Part I - Spacecraft Systems

In this page we define the most common types of spacecraft, identify and briefly describe the major spacecraft subsystems, and describe the science instruments typically carried on space missions.

  • Types of Spacecraft
  • Structural Subsystems
  • Power Supply and Distribution Subsystems
  • Telecommunications Subsystems
  • Data Handling Subsystems
  • Attitude and Articulation Control Subsystems
  • Propulsion Subsystems
  • Pyrotechnic Subsystems
  • Environmental Subsystems
  • Landing Subsystems
  • Science Instruments

Part II - Space Launch Vehicles

In this page we provide a list of the world's launch vehicles, both past and present.  Included are vehicle name, country, mass, propellants, thrust, and brief remarks.  This list was first published 1989 and is thus not complete, however most launchers in service or development at or prior to that time are included.  More than 100 launchers are listed. 

Part III - Launcher & Spacecraft Specifications

In this page we provide detailed specifications and technical data for selected spacecraft, space stations, launch vehicles, and engines.  Included is a significant amount of physical data about each vehicle as well as descriptive and historical information.  Vehicles from all major space faring nations are included.